15 Gestures iPhone 6S Mockup

This mockup is brought to you from ZippyPixels and features the iPhone 6S with 7 hand gestures, tap,  flick, drag, scroll and pinch. Additionally it also features 8 different device holding positions, left handed, right handed and one handed. This features lends the mockup a very realistic feel and showcases your app or mobile website brilliantly. As the file is layered you can even use a combination of holding positions and hand gestures as illustrated in images below. This image is available free of charge by clicking the download link below!

7 Hand Gestures iPhone 6S Mockup4 7 Hand Gestures iPhone 6S Mockup5 7 Hand Gestures iPhone 6S Mockup6 7-Hand-Gestures-iPhone-6S-Mockup1

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